JEX Jelly Coat 1500 Thin 12 pieces x 2 boxes (condom) Hygiene Medical Condom Plenty of jelly

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"Zeria Coat 1500 Thin 12 Pieces x 2 Boxes (Condom)" is a Zeria Coat condom that can be worn without removing air. A generous amount of thick jelly is applied to the semen pool at the tip, and it adheres tightly to prevent air from entering. There is no need to remove the air, and there is no need to worry about scratching with your nails. A natural type with a lighter feel than the thin 1000. It is a bargain with 2 copacks.


Category Health care
Material ・ Item A lot of condoms jelly
Product brandLight
Internal capacity24 pieces (12 pieces x 2 packs)
Medical device permission number28 BZ 0018 (managed medical equipment)
Common nameLatex condom
Please noteBe sure to read this instruction manual before using this product. Proper use of condoms is effective for contraception and reduces the risk of getting many sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but does not guarantee 100% efficacy.


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