Kaneishi Mamoru Formedic Plats One-touch Blood-Breed Belt CL100 Green 1 Piece Hygiene Medical Nurse Accessories

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"Formedic Plats One-touch Blood Removal Belt CL100 Green 1 Piece" is a blood removal band that uses a wide band that does not easily bite into the body.
● With release button which can be easily loosened.


Category Health care
Material ・ Item Nurse accessories
Internal capacity1 piece
How to useInstallation method
(1) Rotate the belt to your arm and hold the clip in place until it clicks.
(2) Pull the belt straight in the horizontal direction and tighten it. (If you pull it up and down, it may pinch your skin.)
How to remove
(1) Loosen the belt gradually while pressing the release button. (If you press the unlock button without loosening, the clip may hit the face or body in reaction.)
(2) Unlock the clip by pressing the unlock button.
Please note-Do not use if the clip is damaged, deformed or the belt is damaged.
・ Be careful not to make the avascularization time too long, because if you keep wearing the aortic band for a long time, the test data will be affected for various reasons such as blood concentration. If it is within 1 minute, it is within the tolerance to the inspection item.
Product Specifications・ Z ・ ・ ・ 48 * 2.5cm
Weight: 32 g
Raw material name: ・ Buckle ・ ・ ・ Plastic
・ Belt ・ ・ ・ Polyester, Latex yarn blend

Contact informationGold stone guard
370-1101 84-4, Tamamura-cho, Sana-gun, Gunma Prefecture


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