Bausch & Lomb Japan Bausch & Lomb Saline Solution Plats 355ml Hygiene medical software for license storage

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"Bausch & Lomb Saline Solution Plats 355ml" is a preservative solution for soft contacts that has been formulated and sterilized, containing the ingredient potassium contained in tears. It can be used for all soft contact lenses. Use for soft lens rinsing, heat disinfection, storage and protein remover solutions. Contains 355 ml.


Category Health care
Material ・ Item Save for soft license
Product brandBoch Lom
Internal capacity355ml
How to use1. After cleaning the lens with a soft lens cleaning solution, rinse the lens thoroughly while rubbing it in the palm of your hand, and repeat until the slimy feeling disappears.
2. When heat disinfecting the lens, fill the lens case with the Saline solution up to 2/3.
3. Put the thoroughly washed and rinsed lens in the lens case, being careful not to confuse the left and right, and heat sterilize it with a heat sterilizer.
・ When disinfecting and storing with disinfectant, please use according to the package insert of disinfectant.
-Saline Solution Plats can also be used as a solution to dissolve heat cleaners and cleaning tablets-F (protein remover).
Usage notes・ Use this drug only for contact lens care and do not take it internally. If you take it by mistake, spit it out as much as possible and see a doctor immediately.
・ Please avoid using in combination with Menicon clean. (By our conformity test)
ComponentSodium chloride, potassium chloride


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