Kanaishi Mamoru Moisture tape in the mouth Usually 30 pieces Hygiene medical snoring measures all

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"Moisturizing tape in the mouth, usually 30 pieces" is a comfortable tape that does not get stuffy because it uses a breathable rayon non-woven fabric.
● Sleeping with your mouth open leads to dryness in the oral cavity.
● Because it is a light brown type, it does not stand out.
● Natural rubber is not used.
● There are two types of zu, usually zu and small zu.


Category Health care
Material ・ Item All measures against snoring
Internal capacity30 pieces of packs
How to use(1) Please wipe oil and moisture around the mouth firmly. (If oil remains, the tape is likely to come off.)
(2) As the lips are caught, close the mouth and stick in the center. (Both sides of the mouth are not blocked.)
(3) Sleep with the length facing as much as possible.
(4) In order to make it a habit to the body, please continue as much as possible at first.
※ It is disposable every time.
Please note・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Please keep away from fire.
MaterialRayon non-woven fabric, acrylic adhesive
Country of originJapan (Manufacturing)
Contact informationGold stone guard
370-1101 84-4, Tamamura-cho, Sana-gun, Gunma Prefecture


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