Mamoru Kanaishi Focal Tone Basis S stainless steel Stethoscope Lilac Hygiene Medical Nurse Accessories

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"Focal Tone Basis S stainless steel stethoscope lilac" uses stainless steel material with high hardness and acoustic performance for the chest piece to enhance the hearing effect, and it is soft and does not put a burden on the ear because it is supposed to be worn for a long time. Equipped with silicon ear tips as standard equipment.
● Double head is useful for listening to high temperature (breathing sound) and low temperature (heart sound).
● The inner spring type is excellent in blocking noise.
● Made in Japan.
General medical equipment


Category Health care
Material ・ Item Nurse accessories
Product brandFOCAL
Medical device notification number12B3X00039000004
How to use(1) Connect chest piece, tube and ear canal.
(2) Put your ear canal on your ear.
(3) The strength of the ear canal is adjusted by expanding and contracting the spring of the ear canal.
(4) Apply chestpiece to skin and make auscultation.
Please note● Do not use this device for purposes other than auscultation.
● Do not strike the chestpiece (diaphragm surface, bell surface). If you damage the diaphragm or wear the ear canal, your ears may be damaged.
● Because this unit is for auscultation only, please do not listen to loud sounds.
● Do not swing the device. It may cause physical damage and injury to people.
● Make sure that the ring and earpiece are not loosely installed in order to make full use of the performance. If it is loose, be sure to install it securely.
● Do not use if the diaphragm, ring or earpiece is damaged. It may damage the skin.
● Be careful not to get foreign objects in the sound path of the ear canal, tube or chest piece. It may cause damage.
● If an ear canal spring breaks, it may cause inconvenience on auscultation or cause injury to the human body.
● Do not forcibly open or squeeze the canal.
● Avoid areas with rapid temperature changes, extremely high or low temperatures, high humidity, places exposed to direct sunlight, dusty places, storage areas for chemicals or places that generate gas.
● Do not leave the tube bent for a long time. The life of the tube is shortened.
● When the instrument is Stain, wipe it with a soft cloth. If the stain is severe, remove it with a cloth dampened with a diluted neutral detergent and then wipe it dry.
MaterialChest piece: stainless steel
Y tube: Plastic chloride
Eustachian tube: stainless steel or Brass
Earpiece: Silicon
Vibrating plate: glass fiber
Non-chill cover: Plastic chloride
Country of originJapan (Manufacturing)
Contact informationSelling agency
Gold stone guard
Gunma Prefecture Sana-gun Tamamura Town Fujikawa 184-4
TEL 0270-64-0500


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